Five Sustainable Swimsuits Ready for Summer Adventure


It’s officially Summer and my head is full of white sand beaches, turquoise waters and coconut trees. Unfortunately, I’ll have to be happy confining myself to the green parks and Atlantic waters that New York has to offer this Summer – but that doesn’t mean I won’t be having any fun! No, I’m determined to explore the woods of Upstate New York, the quaint towns of Long Island, and the many parks and beaches within New York City itself.

With all of the glorious outdoor time in the upcoming months, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit to fit all of my adventure and leisure needs. A few years ago, it was near impossible to find a cute swimsuit that was made within the bounds of ethical and sustainable production, but in 2016, there are options! Check out my 5 favorite swimmy brands below, and feel great wearing something you can be proud of at whatever beach, park or lake you may be frequenting this Summer season.

Giejo swimsuits

1. Giejo
For: The adventurer who wants to look cool everywhere, from the beach in Italy to poolside in LA.

Made in NYC from dead stock and reclaimed materials, Giejo swimsuits are fun and playful. Geometric prints, metallic stripes and pops of color make these suits stand out at the pool or the beach. I love that everything is intended to be mixed and matched, so you could make one pair of bottoms do double duty with two cute top options! Versatility and practical styles (like high waisted bottoms and non-triangle tops) make these suits perfect for travel and adventure.

faherty swimsuits

2. Faherty
For: The beach bum who lives for sand, sun, and surf.

Born on the beach, Faherty is clearly passionate about keeping our oceans as pristine as as they are in childhood memories. Modern-vintage prints, washed-out tones and a fit that is far from over-sexed make these swimsuits perfect for the everyday woman (or man) with a dream of endless Summer. Faherty’s swimwear is fabricated from recycled plastic bottles and sewn in small, family-owned factories around the world.

cocodune bathing suits

3. Cocodune
For: The sophisticated, city gal who keeps her cool in warm weather.

This uber-modern brand is looking to make swimsuit shopping a LOT easier by offering home try-ons with free shipping and free returns. Their suits are also modern, understated and made from a unique, Italian-milled material that is UV resistant, silky smooth, and designed to retain its shape and color vibrancy for over 100 wears. On top of all that, the swimsuits are recyclable, so no need to worry about contributing to the overflowing landfill when your suit finally does give out! All of Cocodune’s swimsuits are made in Los Angeles.

vitamin a swimsuits

4. Vitamin A
For: The athletic beauty sipping an umbrella-ed cocktail by the pool or beachside bar.

These super sexy swimsuits have garnered a lot of attention in the normal fashion world lately, and no wonder when they’ve been seen on celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rihanna. Their trademarked EcoLux fabric is made in California with recycled nylon fibers, while their trademarked Lycra Xtra Life fiber is used to extend the life of all their swimsuits. In addition, Vitamin A utilizes waterless digital printing technology and manufactures everything at California factories who work to conserve electricity and water.

x swimwear

5. Unreasonable Women’s X Swimwear
For: The everyday woman who doesn’t want any frills and knows she can look hot in the right suit.

Born under the umbrella of a very feminist company, X Swimwear is designed to take the trauma out of swimsuit shopping. With an all-black collection, smoothing interior mesh (that comes in three neon colors) and genius cuts, X Swimwear really is flattering for every woman. Little peek-a-boo cutouts, deep U-backs, high waisted bottoms, and high-necked tops give support and coverage without sacrificing the hints of sex appeal that instill confidence in women of all shapes and sizes! X Swimwear’s suits are made from premium Italian fabrics and are cut & sewn in NYC.

Originally published on author Faye Lessler’s blog Sustaining Life.