‘Fashion Revolution’, A Poem by Alexandra Haines-Stiles


Who grew this cotton
Who sowed the seeds
Who spun these threads
Who wove this cloth

Whose silk is that
Who turned the worm
Who sheared the sheep
Who’s getting fleeced

Who fixed the hem
Who broke the system
Who’s on her feet
Who made my clothes

Who sewed the seams
Who stitched the tag
Whose fingers bled
Whose fault is this

Who grew the brand
Who hemmed and hawed
Who hired the helpless
Who dyed for you

Who sweats the details
Whose sweater is that
Who shot it first
Who gets a fair shot

Who’s overdressed
Who’s oppressed
Who’s high on fashion
Who’s high on fumes

Whose dress is to die for
Who shops to live
Who gets the bargain
Whose life’s on sale

Who’s always searching
Who’s never satisfied
Who’s got nothing to wear
Who cares

Who brags her bags
Who crows her clothes
Who swoons her shoes
Who posts the most

Who sets the price
Who pays the cost
Who’s asking
Who needs to know

Who embroiders truth
Who’s naked underneath
Who are you
Who are you wearing?


Image: terimakasihO