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RSVP: Cloud Couture Exhibit’s Public Day

Feb 8, Noon-6pm
Public Day!
Bring the Kids!! “Cloud Couture” Public Day, noon to 6pm

Surrounded by the exhibition of digital fashions the BF+DA opens it doors to designers, families and kids for a public exhibition day being held on Sunday, February 8th. The exhibition includes hands-on projects that incorporate circuits and sensors and opportunities to experience 3D body scanning, virtual draping for fashion designers and other digital couture. Visitors will gain insights into how technology is changing what we wear; how we design; and the synthesis of body, apparel, and the internet.

On Public Day, kids are invited to be budding designers and help create an electronic dress made up of circuits constructed by kids from 6 to 16. We’ll also have a tableful of gadgets and gizmos that participants will connect to create interactive experiments.  Emerging as well as seasoned designers are invited to experience and learn more about body scanning and virtual draping and how it relates to better and more sustainable design.

Work by Pratt Institute’s industrial and interior design programs will be featured, including reactive installations that change with touch, futuristic designs for the space traveler, and recent apparel designs for astronauts as commissioned by NASA.RSVP events@bkaccelerator.com  subject “Public Day”

For press inquiries, email Amy Aronoff at press@pratt.edu


Sunday, February 8, 2015
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