EILEEN FISHER’S Vision2020 a Sustainable Fashion Benchmark


When we got this email yesterday from one of our sustainable fashion heroes EILEEN FISHER, we grew an even deeper crush.

The email read: “No excuses. That’s all well and good as a statement, but what does it actually mean? It means holding ourselves accountable with every decision we make. It means pinning our progress to a five-year timeline that is both sensible and scary. Sensible because we’ve been laying the groundwork for many years. Scary because the problems are complex and urgent.
To create a truly responsible supply chain, we need to scrutinize everything we do, from the field to the factory to the landfill. And take a hard look at what’s often swept under the rug—toxins, carbon emissions and low worker pay, to name a few. It won’t be easy. We’ll need the help of our customers, our manufacturing partners and like-minded brands. How will we do it? The answer lies in two small words: no excuses.”
We’ve seen other big brands try and market themselves as sustainable but over and over we see Team Eileen really do and show. From sustainable fibers to bluesign® technologies to shift their global dyehouses toward responsible chemical, water and energy usage, the desire to be better than the rest or just to make clothing with less impact, is at the very core of what the brand does.
Cheers to the new initiative and we’ll be watching to see how the challenges present themselves and reporting in for sure.
Read more about the Vision2020 initiative here.