CraftingPlastics! Fuses Plants, Craft and a Sprinkle of Technology


Image: Crafting Plastics

Not Just a Label writes about Berlin-based CraftingPlastics! A duo that writer Kam Dhillon says have a “mutual interest in natural materials that spiked their collaboration.” NJAL took a look behind the designer’s “research-based practice that goes way beyond interdisciplinary, and eschews convention with total abandon.”

Dhillon writes: “CraftingPlastics! has grown into a focus as a multi-faceted research platform that combines craft and technology, fast and slow production methods and a material investigating of biological-plastics derived from plants. Their aim is to introduce bio-plastics as a common-place everyday material, and they have already introduced a range of waterproof raincoats, sunglasses, and other accessories with the pioneering material. All products are made by hand, using a conventional oven, or laser cut, or using an ultrasonic machine. It’s a production mechanism that flirts between high/low and it’s designed to be inclusive­­, to instigate cooperation and exchange. The design-duo extend their practice into an on-going workshop program, which they debuted at NJAL’s inter-disciplinary showcase in Berlin, where attendees could melt jewellery and produce textiles with only heat and pressure, and without any harmful toxins and waste.”

Read the full article and interview with CraftingPlastics! here.