BF+DA People’s Choice Award Honoring Heritage & Craft: Nest, Indigo Handloom, NJAL

In our global quest for modernization, efficiency and productivity, we have often looked to the future for our answers, forgetting that the past is a valuable cultural resource. At the 2nd Annual BF+DA Positive Impact Awards, we’re adding the People’s Choice Award to give you the opportunity to reflect on three organizations that are dedicated to the preservation of craftsmanship and artistry in fashion.

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Nest is committed to the social and economic advancement of the fashion and home industry’s informal workforce that comprises the complex supply chains outside of factories. Nest is bringing this underserved global economic engine the unprecedented transparency, data-driven business development and widespread advocacy that empowers women, alleviates poverty, and preserves traditions of artisanship. More here.


Indigo Handloom

Indigo Handloom is a mission-driven for-profit social enterprise supplying hand woven fabrics and scarves to the fashion industry. The company creates low-impact jobs, while maintaining preservation of handloom craft and reducing the environmental damages of the fashion industry. Ancient techniques are recast for the sensibilities of North America while preserving the cultural heritage of the regions they work with. More here.


Not Just a Label

NJAL encourages designers to produce fashion that is sustainable and supports local communities and artisanal craftsmanship. NJAL has pioneered a revolutionary approach to the fashion industry, outside of politics and the tired existing systems that are detrimental to the growth and integrity of its designers.
More here.

Help support our candidates and ensure that the cultural traditions of craft the fashion industry thrive.

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The winner will be announced at the BF+DA Positive Impacts Award ceremony and 2nd anniversary celebration.
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