BF+DA Based Weaving Hand Reweaves PS1 Courtyard at Ace Hotel

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BF+DA based business Weaving Hand is always up to something good. This time it’s an interactive installation by her side company Alberto Howorth Studio as a continuation of the dialogue set forth by Estudio Escobedo Soliz’s project “Weaving the Courtyard” at MoMA PS1. Escobedo Soliz Studio was the winner of the annual Young Architects Program and wove a textured canopy suspended over the courtyard, or a “cloud” made of contrasting yet colorful ropes that Alberto helped dismantle to use for the re-weaving.

Now the ropes are taking on a second life. The discarded ropes will be woven on a 6′ by 6.5′ wide loom and made into colorful rugs during a series of events called “Reweaving the Courtyard” which will take place throughout the month of September at the Ace Hotel in coordination with the first New York Textile Month.

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“This project was born from a conversation about waste in the creative world,” says Weaving Hand founder Cynthia Alberto.

“’Reweaving the Courtyard’ presented a unique opportunity to use weaving as a catalyst to engage different communities in talking about material waste, especially in the art world.”

Starting September 10th, Alberto says the events will feature a sculptural loom her team built designed to encourage social interaction and community development through weaving.

“The loom coils around itself, creating an immersive and collaborative weaving experience as one walks through and weaves. Once the weaving is complete, the loom can be disassembled to enable the rug to easily slide off in one continuous piece,” says Alberto.

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The completed rugs will be donated to organizations committed to bettering their communities through public programming and community development such as Baileys Cafe and LAND Gallery. Other potential recipients could include the Brooklyn Public Library and Public Schools throughout the Brooklyn community. It is important to us that the rugs created by community members will be given to organization which also value sustainability and community development through the arts.

Tyler Howorth, Alberto’s project partner says this project is important to him in regards to how to get the community engaged in looking at waste in a new way.

“Through this project we engage people in a structured creative process where people can discover their own potential to repurpose ‘waste’ materials and create something beautiful. Through the collaborative aspect of the project we prove that the old adage, ‘many hands makes easy work’ applies to living in a waste conscious society,” says Howorth.

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“Reweaving the Courtyard” is the debut project created by Alberto-Howorth Studio and facilitated by Weaving Hand. Alberto Howorth Studios is a creative partnership between Cynthia Alberto and Tyler Howorth fusing together their backgrounds in textile design, weaving, design, and fabrication. The duo focuses on making site specific installations which reinterprets weaving through different expressions. The sculptural installations highlight participatory- weaving as an art form heavily relying on community participation. Cynthia is the founder and director of  Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator based Weaving Hand, she creates woven pieces which highlight traditional weaving practices through the use of unconventional materials. Tyler the founder of waste cog studios and a graduate of Parsons School of Design.