Apple Buys Forests in Maine for Sustainable Supply Chain Move


Apple recently bought forests in Maine for a sustainable supply chain move signing a landmark agreement with the Conservation Fund to protect America’s working forests by acquiring two of them.

The conservation commitment will see Apple manage more than 36,000 acres of forest lands in Maine—where Rachel Carson‘s legacy as an environmentalist is enshrined in a wildlife refuge—and North Carolina, or a combined land mass that is larger than San Francisco and 2.5 times the size of Manhattan.

As the permanent owner and, more importantly, steward of these “working” forests that will provide timber for its construction projects and fiber for its paper and packaging, Apple is committing to sustainable forestry practices and to abide by the terms of the Conservation Fund’s Working Forest Fund (WFF). It’s also gaining more direct control of its supply chain and its ability to implement its sustainability standards by cutting out the middleman.”

Full story on Brand Channel.

Image: MemoryCatcher