Ai Weiwei Fills NYC’s Deitch Projects With Thousands of Refugee Garments


Image: Designboom

According to an article on Designboom, “Ai Weiwei’s ongoing engagement with the global refugee crisis has reached a monumental milestone with the opening of ‘Laundromat’ at New York’s Deitch Projects. The exhibition brings together thousands of materials collected from an informal refugee camp in Idomeni — a small village in northern Greece and official border crossing into the republic of Macedonia. At its peak in spring 2016, up to 15,000 men, women and children — mostly from Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq — spent weeks in dire conditions with scarce food and harrowing sanitary conditions. In May 2016, Idomeni was shut down, displacing the thousands of refugees living there. in a rush to mobilize, many left behind clothes, shoes, personal mementos and photographs. Ai Weiwei has collected, washed, organized and now exhibited these objects in New York as a poignant and powerful testament to a human condition at a tumultuous moment in time. through his work, he has become one of the most important advocates of human rights.”

Amazing. Read the full story and see some great images taken by Designboom here.