Adidas Uses Synthetic Spider Silk For Biodegradable Sneakers


According to Designboom, “Adidas’ Futurecraft has dedicated the past years to develop innovative products from a sustainable point of view. Their porftolio includes sneakers made from up-cycled ocean plastics and ‘tailored fibre’ shoes that can be modified to the individual’s specific and custom requirements. The latest addition is the world’s first performance shoe made using biosteel® fiber — a replication of natural silk.

Developed in partnership with german biotech company AMSilk — the first producer of nature-based spider silk fibers — the adidas ‘futurecraft biofabric’ prototype shoe features an upper made from 100% biosteel® fiber, a nature-based and completely biodegradable high-performance fiber. the material is ideal for sports performance as it is 15% lighter in weight than conventional synthetic fibers as well as having the potential to be the strongest fully natural material available. continuing adidas’ journey of sustainable innovation, the biosteel® fiber is 100% biodegradable in a fully natural process.”

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