11 Brooklyn Accelerator Businesses You Should Shop This Black Friday

black friday

Black Friday pretty much goes against everything we stand for in terms of consciousness but still, these small businesses have to run with the pack sometimes to make sure they don’t get lost in the pre-dawn shuffle.

Teel Lidow, founder of Boerum Apparel told Triple Pundit recently that when it comes to crazy sales post-Thanksgiving, consumers need to remember that stores are still making huge profits on discounted goods. “That means that the $20 button-down shirt that looks like a great steal was actually made for something like $6 or $7, and you can’t make a good button-down shirt for $7. The low cost of production that underlies these Black Friday steals should signal to consumers that they were made with cheap materials and extremely low-cost labor, resulting in low-quality look, feel and durability, and all sorts of environmental and social issues.”

We couldn’t agree more, so here are 11 small businesses nestled within the loving arms of the Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator that will make you feel better about such cheapened and chaotic day.

Alder New York

Alder New York is a Brooklyn-based lifestyle brand that provides men and women with casual luxury goods. For Alder New York, casual luxury is defined by smart design, comfortable and practical materials, and local, skilled, craftsmanship.

alder ny black friday

Boerum Apparel

Boerum Apparel designs, manufactures and sells sustainable, humane and socially responsible clothing. The Brooklyn-based e-retailer offers affordable designs produced using ethical processes and traceable raw materials.

boerum apparel black friday


Catrinka is an ethical fashion accessory brand that makes artisanal luxury handbags. The company uses every aspect of its business to empower and invest in women and girls. Products are made ethically by women with proceeds going to provide mentoring in life skills for adolescent girls on the margin.

25% off the entire holiday collection and their Guadalupe Tote.



Designhype uses design to connect, educate and empower women travelers so they may explore and experience the world in the state of bliss. The company creates high-quality products in a sustainable manner by using stainless steel, an inherently sustainable material. Their Metro Cuffs are 100% recyclable and tarnish-resistant. All packaging is designed minimally to reduce waste.
AND, they are offering free Shipping for Black Friday, 20% off for Cyber Monday and giving 5% of all sales back to the Malala Fund on Giving Tuesday.


designhype black friday


Kordal is a women’s knitwear collection that fuses innovative forms and textures with functionality. We believe in creating garments that will inspire creativity and wearability. In an effort to support local manufacturing, we design and produce our knitwear with local artisans in America and Peru.

kordal black friday

LuRu Home

Founded in 2010, LuRu Home brings a contemporary edge to traditional Chinese design. LuRu Home works with several of the remaining families still practicing Nankeen indigo dyeing by hand, aiming to preserve this cherished craft by supporting those who make it. In addition to traditional Nankeen indigo fabrics, LuRu Home offers screen-printed fabric by the yard, as well as an array of vintage Chinese textile pieces to retail customers and to trade. Durability, quality and a playful eye lead to updated historical Chinese motifs for use in homes around the globe.

luru home black friday

Make Mode

Make Mode is a digital design and fabrication studio specializing in 3D printing, laser cutting, and 3D design. Started in 2013, their goal is to help the creative ecosystem of New York City develop, prototype, and produce ideas for physical objects and products – from concept to concrete. By using design software tools and digital manufacturing machines that allow for creation of highly custom objects, Make Mode aims to produce objects of greater intrinsic value both locally and on demand. Their mission is two-fold: reduce the cost of innovation & make more with less.

emojis black friday

Really Brothers

Really Brothers’ collaborative work demonstrates a balance of sophistication, humor, and ingenuity that results in unexpected beautiful, and simple experiences.

really brothers black friday

Suzanne Rae

Suzanne Rae is a Brooklyn-based women’s ready-to-wear line inspired by and made for the progressive and modern woman. Both feminine and feminist in philosophy, the pieces are minimalist in aesthetic and relevant in functionality. With social awareness and sustainability as a part of the foundation, the company always applies a careful consciousness while creating clothing for the gentlewoman.

suzanne rae

The Dogwood Dyer

The Dogwood Dyer is Brooklyn-based sustainable educator, urban gardener and natural dyer Liz Spencer. She uses locally foraged and urban grown plants as well as ethically-sourced dyestuffs to naturally dye for NYC designers. In the country and along roadsides, wild and abundant plants are responsibly collected throughout the year, and then used to extract natural color. Urban street side planters provide green space for Brooklyn and ample area to grow dye plants that would otherwise be neglected, littered, and wasted opportunity for precious city arable land.

the dogwood dyer

Wool & Prince

Wool&Prince makes better, longer-lasting apparel using super soft wool that naturally resists odors and wrinkles while being 6x more durable than cotton.

We’re talking SOFT.

wool and prince

Lead image: Kerbstone