#10WEARS1WASH For World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

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Did you know next month, June 17th is World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought? Created by the United Nations in 1994, this annual day of observance highlights the urgent need to curb the desertification process. What can you do to support? Well, when it comes to fashion and what you wear, you can do something really simple: wash your jeans less up until June 17th and participate in our #10WEARS1WASH campaign.

That’s right, wear those jeans 10 times before you wash them and show us every step of your journey. From wearing them to your favorite event to swimming in them, from landing your new job to working on the farm. Let’s see how dirty you can get and maybe, just maybe, you’ll make this washing less stuff a habit.

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On June 17th, on the day of World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, we’ll be picking a winner for a free pair of Brooklyn Denim jeans! Just take a picture of yourself in your favorite pair of denim, put the hashtag #10WEARS1WASH on it and make sure you tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we will stockpile your photos for when we pick that winner.

With Inhabitat reporting that the United States is currently primed for the worst drought recorded in the last 1,000 years due to climate change, the mounting pressure to conserve could never be more elephant sized and on everyone’s doorstep.

21 years since this day of observance started, the world is in even more dire straits.  With the fashion industry being the second largest user of water in the world, companies worldwide are being forced to find ways to grow less water intensive cotton crops, to reuse water in the dye process (or not use it at all) and to try and engage consumers to simply wash less.


GreenBiz reports that to make a pair of Levi’s, more than 2,000 liters typically are needed to produce enough cotton, “but this only accounts for around 45 percent of an average pair of jeans’ net water impact, according to a 2007 life cycle assessment conducted by Levi’s. The other half comes from the laundromat — about 50 percent of the water used during the life of a pair of jeans comes from consumers washing them.”

So let’s make an earnest effort at being conscious. Tell us the story of your favorite pair of jeans, how long you’ve had them, if they’re known for good luck, how many times you’ve patched them-whatever! We want to know all about your #10WEARS1WASH

Now get out there and take some pictures (and stop using so much darn water) like these people have!

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Lead graphic by Elizabeth Stillwell