Is The Next Industrial Revolution 3D Centric?


TechCrunch writes:

“3D printing is making its way forward in the mainstream and is allowing anyone to create customized products on demand at affordable prices. No longer do products need to be the same; we can now tailor products to meet our individual needs at little or no extra cost.

Are today’s digital manufacturing capabilities making standardization obsolete? Could we possibly be on the verge of replacing mass production altogether? Are we sitting on the edge of the Third Industrial Revolution?”

TechCrunch writer Filemon Schoffer writes that an estimated 30 percent of all manufactured goods end up as waste within months of rolling off the production line.

“At the same time that these products are on their way to the landfill, production facilities in low-wage countries (including China, Brazil or Indonesia) are already working on their next manufacturing order — thus beginning again the cycle of wasted energy consumption, packaging, labor and raw materials,” writes Schoffer.

While many still struggle with the benefits of sustainability and technology like 3D printing, maybe it’s time to explore our manufacturing options.

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Image: Pixabay