Sweden’s #Sharewear Hopes To Help Lower Carbon Footprint


According to Fast Company, VisitSweden and the Swedish Institute recently launched the #ShareWear campaign. By loaning brand-new garments from top Swedish brands for free, borrowers pass them forward via Instagram after a week.

Fast Company writer David Lumb writes, “The campaign organizers hope that the concept will inspire folks to loan out their own garments as an alternative model to letting unused fashion pile up in closets. Swedish Institute’s Henrik Selin insists that the campaign hopes to spark conversation about sustainability.”

With hopes that this sharing helps lower fashion’s growing carbon footprint, #sharewear is an interesting study into the world’s growing sharing economy.

“The idea was to inspire people to take a closer look at what the fashion industry or wearing clothes means for the impact that it has on our planet,” Selin tells Fast Company. “The average Swede throws away 8 kilos of clothes a year. [ShareWear] is not a proposal to alter the Swedish fashion industry, but to do things in a slightly different way, to introduce the option of actually lending people fashion and giving garments a second life.”

Missing from this list of Swedish brands? H&M.

To read the full story, go to Fast Company.