The Future of Leather is Fish Skin

According to Wired writer Katia Moskvitch, leather made from fish skin is hitting fashion runways and getting pretty sophisticated in its applications. Icelandic designer Boas Kristjánsson recently modeled his shirt on the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week but the technology to make it, comes from Atlantic Leather, the only company in Europe (among just a few in the world) that supplies fish leather to high-end brands making luxury clothes, shoes and bags.

“To meet the demand, many fashion brands are trying to source the best high-quality leather to maintain their standards – and aiming to do so in a sustainable and more ethical manner. When it doesn’t come from a cow (or from fish), leather is grown in a lab, produced from from pineapple waste – and even 3D-printed. “As the personal luxury goods market grows, you need more leather, and you have a slowly but surely rising awareness of sustainability issues,” says Luca Solca, luxury analyst at Exane BNP Paribas. ‘Hence the leather supply becoming critical.’”

With roughly one ton of fillets leading to some 40 kilograms of skin that goes to waste, this new harvest is looking like more than something to throw away.

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