NYC Designer Suzanne Rae Creates Fashion Collectibles

Suzanne Rae is a Brooklyn-based women’s ready-to-wear line inspired by and made for the progressive and modern woman. Both feminine and feminist in philosophy, the pieces are minimalist in aesthetic and relevant in functionality. With social awareness and sustainability as a part of the foundation, the company always applies a careful consciousness while creating clothing for the gentlewoman.

A Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator alumna, designer/founder Suzanne Rae Pelaez continues to be a source of inspiration for the fashion community.

“While I have been advocating practicality in fashion for the past several seasons, I have had a recent desire to not entirely abandon it, but to indulge in creating beautiful little things, purely for the sake of the beautiful thing. That is, I want to make and have little pieces that are collectible, much like pottery or art; little pieces that I simply want to own and gaze at, even if not to wear. They are in turn objects of art, or rather, objects of desire,” says Pelaez.

According to a press release for Suzanne Rae spring/summer 2018, organza and charmeuse are used to create delicate, sensual pieces that play with transparency and layers, while luxurious Italian jerseys and knits are used for sporty mobility. Red, the color of passion and desire, dominates the collection while powder blue, the color of celestial skies and the Virgin Mary, counters the heat. Eastern influences and luscious red velvets are also included to offer, at once, both social notions of the exotic as well as attributes of the church.

“It is this dichotomy of the profane and the sacred that brings to light the complexity of desire; we desire things because we want to own and be that which the desired object represents. It is within this realm of the sacred and the profane, where desire is not only insatiable but where the desire for the sacred and the desire for the profane are equally good and

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