POSITIVE IMPACT AWARDS: Our Climate Beneficial Scarf

In addition to all the amazing individuals and brands being recognized at this year’s Positive Impact Awards, we wanted to take a moment to give our actual award, a climate beneficial scarf some love.

Each scarf is made in our production room on our Shima Seiki machines and made of regionally grown 100% wool being produced by Fibershed Producer Lani Estill of Lani’s Lana, where a Carbon Farm Plan is being implemented.

Fibershed founder Rebecca Burgess, says that Climate Beneficial Wool supports land-managers who are making efforts to draw significant and additional (beyond typical quantities) of carbon from the atmosphere and into their soil.

“This effort supports the creation of healthy and productive soils, while providing for the revaluation and development of direct markets for the wool. These direct markets support the creation of greater economic stability for rural communities, greater connectivity between end-users and producers, while supporting a global effort to ameliorate the carbon imbalance that is causing climate change,” says Burgess.

The BF+DA’s Positive Impact Award scarf

According to the Fibershed website, carbon farming practices can be measured and monitored for the enhancement of permanent soil carbon storage, and therefore material coming from these landscapes can be verified as Climate Beneficial. In an initial research study by Dr. Marcia deLonge of UC Berkeley’s Silver Lab, it was shown that sheep grazed on compost-applied rangelands produced wool with a net carbon benefit. Moving that net negative footprint wool through a regional and renewable energy powered supply chain would produce a garment with a negative CO2 footprint. Comparing conventional to Climate Beneficial production shows a carbon footprint differential of over 150 pounds of CO2 per garment.

Watch the video below to learn more about climate beneficial wool as well as where our scarves came from!

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