The Great Fantastic’s mission is to create the world’s comfiest apparel using sustainable materials and practices. Our hero product, Swoveralls, combines two common apparel concepts into one glorious masterpiece. Cool, functional, and extremely comfortable – Swoveralls are quite simply the comfiest thing you never knew you needed. A percentage of net profits are donated to Urban Pathways and The Israel Lacrosse Association.

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Kyle Bergman

Initially, I was just trying to solve a problem for myself. Sweatpant overalls didn’t exist and I wanted a pair! So I created Swoveralls, and discovered along the way there was an opportunity for me to use all of the skills and connections I’ve developed over my career to create a unique brand and story as well.  Sustainability and giving back are a critical component of my personal values, and thus a big part of my brand’s ethos as well.

I spent 4 years out of undergrad learning about merchandise buying and planning at Bloomingdale’s, and then left for Birchbox where I was the Senior Men’s Buyer of Grooming & Lifestyle for 2 years.  It was at Birchbox in March 2017 when The Great Fantastic was born. In addition to now being the full-time Chief Swoverall Officer, I am a part-time fitness coach at OrangeTheory, and am finishing up my MBA at NYU Stern’s School of Business. I played college lacrosse at Drexel University while studying psychology and business administration, and am an active member of the Israeli Men’s National Lacrosse Team.

Where did The Great Fantastic name come from? Well, I wish the story was sexier, but the truth is my mom would say it once in a while during my formative years when she was reminiscing about her glory days. The term was always used when talking about risk-taking, adventure, and noteworthy experiences – which I guess is what this whole project evokes in me. Said differently, The Great Fantastic is a creative incubator of sorts for things that excite me.