Teknikio creates gender-neutral toolsets for ages 8+ that teach you how to embed electronics into paper, fabric, and any other material. Each set walks you through concepts of design and engineering, while demonstrating how to use these skills to activate objects. Teknikio’s custom parts and carefully curated components are accessible and reusable so that you can make and remake. By combining craft, design, and engineering, Teknikio inspires you to invent, engineer and reimagine your world.
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Deren Guler

Teknikio was founded by Deren Guler who leads a small team of designers, engineers, scientists, and tinkerers. We love to explore and ask too many questions. We are especially good at taking things apart and can sometimes even put them back together. Deren also co-founded a makerspace in the West Village, and adjuncts at Parsons, the New School for Design.