Samanta Cortes

Former BF+DA Technical Embroidery Specialist

Speaking: Creative Smart Designing + Sustainable Manufacturing

Research And Development: Textile Design and Manufacturing in Embellishment and Embroidery Industries

Facilitation: Creative vision on innovative smart design

With over 20 years experience in the NYC Garment Center and as Founder, Executive Director of Save the Garment Center, I enjoy  consulting for the composite, home furnishings and apparel industries through my extensive work with the NYC Garment Center as well as an embroidery textile designer. While working with couture to mid-sized companies, I also have a long-standing history helping brands design with a price point that feels comfortable for them. I am committed to bringing manufacturing back to the USA, and continue to work locally and internationally to raise awareness of the importance of domestic manufacturing as it relates to local economic development.

I am also developing an educational venture focused on training to students open to working with new industrial equipment with a focus on domestic manufacturing.

  • BF+DA t.LAB – Technical Embroidery Specialist
  • Co-host Material is your Business MouthMedia Podcast
  • Founder, Fashion Design Concepts
  • Founder,
  • President, Fashion News Workshop
  • Board member, Color Association of the US
  • Creative Consultant, Schmatta; Rag to Riches to Rags, an HBO Documentary.

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