Through its jewelry and accessories, MUJUS connects its designer Paola Delgado’s traditional Peruvian roots with New York urban life by mixing indigenous materials to create contemporary pieces of jewelry. The designs are made primarily from sustainable, non-traditional materials which create a combination of vivid hues, gold tones, and geometric shapes. All pieces are handmade by skilled artisans in Peru and Ecuador and bring a unique elegance and pop of color to any outfit.

Paola Delgado

In 2011, after working 4 years on Wall Street, MUJUS founder Paola Delgado decided to set aside her BlackBerry and move back to her home country of Peru with the goal of discovering who she really was and what she really cared about in life. For four months she traveled inland Peru and visited cities that she had known as a child. These cities had not changed, but she had. The combination of her American and Ecuadorian values created the desire to leverage her experiences and become an entrepreneur.