Joelle Williams

Joelle Williams is an Adjunct Professor at Fashion Institute of Technology in Fashion Business Management and LIM College in Fashion Merchandising. She holds an MBA in Strategic Design from Philadelphia University and a BA in Economics from Fisk University with twenty years of retail store operations experience in various senior level roles.

Research Project: Taxonomy of Extending the Life of a Garment

Joelle’s research interest has led her to examine our relationship and behavior towards apparel, which inevitably over-extends our consumption. The work seeks to connect our motivation + intention to manifest into a behavioral change that will re-examine our priorities in terms of apparel consumption and our connection to filling landfills. However, she sees this behavior change as only part of the solution. The other part of the equation are nudges, in the form of partnerships with various stakeholders. She has been known to say that if forced to define our relationship status with sustainability we would all have to check the box “It’s Complicated”.

Her work seeks to create a tribe of invested stakeholders moved to heighten awareness and educate the general masses while de-stigmatizing what it means to be sustainable. Her research is a continuation of her graduate capstone.