Fair Harbor is a beachwear company that was founded in 2015 by siblings Jake and Caroline Danehy. Fair Harbor is a small beach town on Fire Island where they grew up surfing. There are no cars on the island and during the summer all one needs is a swimsuit and a surfboard and they are set. Because of Jake and Caroline’s love for the ocean and beaches around the world, they make all of their swimwear out of recycled plastic bottles. Each short is directly made out of 11 recycled plastic bottles to ensure that fewer bottles end up in our oceans and on our beaches.

Jake Danehy

I graduated from Colgate University in May of 2016 and played four years of division 1 lacrosse for the Raiders as a goaltender. I am a lifelong surfer and grew up spending summers in a small beach town called Fair Harbor, on Fire Island. At Colgate I majored in geography and wrote a thesis on plastic waste and its effect on our oceans. Because of my love for surfing and frustration with our plastic pollution problem, my sister Caroline and I decided to start Fair Harbor. Our goal is to make great boardshorts with simple patterns that embody sustainability and the pure lifestyle that we grew up with on Fire Island.