Collected Edition is made by hand and machine. The label designs eclectic, modern jewelry, accessories, and home products at the intersection of modern manufacturing and handcraft. By combining 3D modeling and printing with an eye trained in couture methods and bespoke design, Collected Edition creates feminine and delicate nature-inspired pieces that retain a sense of the human touch. The flexibility of 3D printing and related technologies allow Collected Edition to bring these life-like, complex products to life in materials ranging from nylon to precious metals while always remaining affordable and accessible.

Kasia Wisniewski

After working in luxury womenswear for several years, I started Collected Edition to explore my interest in emerging design and manufacturing techniques. I hold a BFA in Fashion Design and a minor in Art History from Pratt Institute. My work is always informed by the natural, the historical, and the romantic, and I’m a devoted maximalist and magpie.