Carmen Malvar

Carmen Malvar is a Ph.D candidate and the founder of CADA project. Her experience comes from working with over most of European global brands designing and consulting for them. Since her early years after graduating from Architecture at Pratt Institute, she worked as designer on many large scale projects. Her vision on the global design is broad and conscious.

She widens her experience teaching and lecturing in Spain, Latin America and USA about such varied topics as globalization through design, international expansion strategies or trends and consumption analysis. She also works as a professor at Universities like Elisava in Barcelona, Guadalajara Tech. Mexico and Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and she also teaches at the Certificate in Design Entrepreneurship at Pratt Institute. She lives and works between Oaxaca, New York and Barcelona.

Research Project : CADA

CADA is a research initiative of Carmen Malvar that promotes design and local craftsmanship on a global level, while working hand in hand with artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico. The project uses design and crafts from a local perspective to achieve global impact, implementing the use of technology and social media as an essential part of research development.

Currently, CADA is working on launching a family of design products based on ethical businesses, fair trade principles and socio-economic assessments to implement as a case study that could be of use to future design projects around the globe.

As CADA is a local project positioned to have a global ripple effect, the team has created a platform that will serve as a Hybrid Shared Space. The goal of this is to foster and facilitate global spaces and connections for local artisans and suppliers without the loss of identity, and help to build their own community’s economies.