Blair Lauren Brown is sustainably handcrafted American and artisan jewelry. The line is a labor of love and a soul craft. Each and every piece is designed and produced by Blair Lauren Brown. Born into a 115-year family legacy of handcrafted fine jewelry beginning with the gold rush in Alaska, Blair is working in the same tradition as her family before her. Collections are handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York with ethically sourced and recycled precious materials. Hand finishing every piece, designing with raw uncut diamonds and pure 24k gold nuggets allows a unique story to be told with every piece.
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Blair Lauren Brown

I was trained by my grandfather’s right hand production artist in the craft of handmade chains and pure gold nugget work paying homage to Alaska’s natural beauty. My upbringing exposed me to the full circle of my material’s story, from the origin of ethically mined gold, to the history behind the hands of each wearer, to the process of finding its way back into the earth from which it came. This story is what has inspired me to operate my business with a philosophy that supports community, financial, and environmental sustainability.