Founded in 2011 by Pratt Alumni David J. Krause and Nina Zilka, Alder New York is a Brooklyn-based lifestyle brand that provides men and women with casual luxury goods.
For Alder New York, casual luxury is defined by smart design, comfortable and practical materials, and local, skilled, craftsmanship. Making sure that everyone involved with the workings of the company is being treated well is inherent to the brand, which is why they choose to produce in New York City. This ethos extends from their menswear line to their line of all natural apothecary goods.

Nina Zilka

Nina Zilka

I am the co-founder and designer for Alder New York. My business partner David J. Krause and I are focused on sustainable production and local manufacturing. While still a student at Pratt Institute, I started my first women’s label, The Twentyten, with David and a third business partner, which found success in progressive boutiques in New York, LA and the fashion press before closing in 2011 and launching Alder New York.

David Krause

I attended Pratt Institute where I began my studies pursuing a degree in painting. After realizing my passion for the applied arts, I switched my focus to fashion design. While at Pratt, I started my first women’s label, The Twentyten, with Nina and a third partner. Upon graduating from Pratt, I was accepted into the Pratt Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation where my passion for local manufacturing and sustainable production was nurtured. After closing the door to The Twentyten in 2011, I founded Alder New York with Nina Zilka.