Love Letter: Orsola de Castro

“Some beautiful things don’t end just because they’re over, they disappear from sight, but stay in other forms, a sound, a person, a smell, a feeling.

The BF+DA initiated something unique and very special, remaining a rarity throughout its existence: a safe place for learning, for growing, for experimenting, for challenging.

I remember the first time I read about it, when it had just started, and feeling an immediate connection, like something amazing was going to happen in there. And it did.

I am not sure if it was I that reached out to Amy DuFault or vice versa, but we made friends straight away, as people (Amy and myself) and as organisations (Fashion Revolution & BF+DA) and I can honestly say that meeting, and collaborating, with Deb, Amy and Tara has been one of my career’s highlights when it comes to things that matter.

To Deb: my deepest and wholehearted respect and admiration for what you started, and went on to achieve. Living in London I have not had the pleasure to live your BFDA community in person but I nevertheless felt welcome in it, and supported in everything I do. I know that the Fashion Revolution team will join me in lamenting the loss of the BF+DA and in wishing you a stupendously exciting future.

To Amy: you are one of a few colleagues turned friends, I love how your brain works, and the work you do. And thank you for your continuous help with Fashion Revolution USA: it has been invaluable.

To Tara: since meeting you when Study NY was an exhibitor at Estethica at London Fashion Week, it’s been a delight to reconnect with you over the years.

The BF+DA was amazing because the women who run it are amazing.

Thank you all for your hard work and positive thinking, your pioneering actions, your commitment to making things better and to doing things differently.

The BFDA was a small utopia in a world of shifting scenarios, ahead of its time and quite fragile, but indestructible in memory.”

Orsola de Castro, Co-Founder, Fashion Revolution