Love Letter: Lynda Grose

“I was invited to BF+DA’s book fair in 2016 to join a panel of respected colleagues who had also written books about design and sustainability. We shared our thoughts with the audience and engaged with visitors post-panel in conversations beyond the scope that normal conferences allow. I particularly enjoyed Deb’s signature dinner after the event, where the authors and BF+DA staff continued informally over great food and conversation.

Thanks for making the BF+DA such a convivial space. The BF+DA will be missed, but I have no doubt that the vision, passion and determination that spawned it to begin with will emerge in another shape and form elsewhere to continue the good work it started.Thank you.”

Lynda Grose, Professor and Chair of Fashion Design at California College of the Arts, Co-Founder Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion, Co-author: Fashion and Sustainability: Design for Change