Love Letter: Lauren Fay

“It’s important in life to follow your dreams, to believe in the improbable, and to support other people whenever possible so that they too can reach for their dreams.

This was, it seemed, the BF+DA’s unofficial motto, and was the spirit that I encountered the moment that I met the team behind this incredibly unique space.  The BF+DA was a hub for makers, doers, thinkers, revolutionaries and always had a warm, inviting vibe. It always felt like something fun was just around the corner, which it often was.

I will forever be grateful to the women who worked here—Tara St. James, who was first a teacher, and then an advisor, and always a mentor with an awesome sense of humor.  Amy DuFault, who has the heart of a lion and who was kind enough to give me so much time and guidance when I was reentering the fashion world. And to Deb, who lead by example and is brilliant at teaching and empowering people. 

You all created something magical and it forever changed the landscape of what’s possible in the fashion industry. Here’s to community, comradery, and amazing new beginnings. Thank you so much for everything.”

-Lauren Fay, Founder, The New Fashion Initiative