Love Letter: Kirrin Finch

Team Kirrin Finch: Director of Communications E Garcia, Co-Founder Kelly Moffat, Co-Founder Laura Moffat

You might have heard that the BF+DA is closing June 30th. Lots of people have been expressing beautiful sentiments of how our work and the BF+DA has impacted them over the years and we are so touched and grateful.
It actually inspired us and made us think up a fun way to wrap up our 5 years by inviting our community to write us “Love Letters.” Do you have one? Send it to as soon as possible and we’ll publish it on our blog until our very last day June 30th. Hurry! We can’t wait to hear what you have to say and the impact the BF+DA had on you.

“The BF+DA helped launch Kirrin Finch into the world and we are so grateful for its guidance, community and inspiration. It has helped push our brand to be more thoughtful and creative about incorporating sustainability, make sound business decisions as we grow and was a true partner as we developed quality products that looked great on our customers.
We are so sad to see it go, but will treasure the people we’ve met and the knowledge we’ve acquired.”

BF+DA Venture Fellow Alumni, Kirrin Finch

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