Love Letter: John Bruce

“This news greeted me on Tuesday morning via social media and several personal emails all of which were possessed with the same sentiments I was experiencing at that moment: great pride and admiration for the brilliant achievements of the BF+DA project, and the beautiful and joyous evolution of the organization in this moment of transition. Bravo!

As Joseph Campbell reminds us: all rebirths require a death of sorts. Longevity or consistency of an effort are not always the goals or measures for success. I’m reminded of an NPR podcast from a couple of years ago making the point that we tend to declare a successful marriage or relationship as one that only ends in mortal death, while perhaps the relationship of a few years that was brilliant and transformative, yet came to closure, was most profound and impactful.
I’ll paraphrase from a grad school friend who gave a commencement speech: rather than seeds of change, the BF+DA fed many weeds of change. Weeds are resilient, adaptive, pervasive, persistent, of the commons, sturdy, nutritious and delicious.
I am bowing in your direction with gratitude, appreciation and love.”

-John Bruce, Assistant Professor of Strategic Design at Parsons., Senior Strategist at Forward Mapworks