Love Letter: Janice Wang-Millard

“I remember the first day I met Deb Johnson and Tara St. James, in a concrete shell of a construction site in the middle of Brooklyn. It was an immediate connection – one where we knew we could collaboratively make a change in a city that needed a more sustainable method to design and manufacture, and actually see it happen. I am gutted to hear that the BF+DA will be no more, however the philosophy that the BF+DA so painstakingly and effectively put together will live on – in our joint education programs and our joint videos. We are proud to have been able to be a part of this wonderful community. Thank you for your amazing vision, the BF+DA has been the catalyst for change before the mainstream took sustainability seriously. On behalf of Alvanon, I thank you for being an inspiration to all.”

-Janice Wang-Millard, CEO, Alvanon