Love Letter: Elizabeth Cline

“For five years, the BF+DA provided the conscious fashion community in New York a sense of just that—community. It was a nexus, a meeting place, the heartbeat of the change sweeping the fashion industry and one of its foremost drivers. By providing design resources, training and public education, the BF+DA constantly moved sustainability and ethics forward. In a space that’s easily warped by empty talk and marketing, the BF+DA constantly strived for and attained tangible results. And it did all that while creating a uniquely welcoming and fun environment. Everyone there, including Deb Johnson, Tara St. James, and Amy DuFault, put in untold amounts of hard work and humility to transform the way that people talk and think about and “do” fashion. The impact of the BF+DA has been immeasurable. For anyone lucky enough to spend time there, it will be remembered as a catalyst and a special place.”

-Elizabeth Cline, Author of Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion,  The Conscious Closet: A Revolutionary Guide to Looking Good While Doing Good