Love Letter: Holly McQuillan

Holly McQuillan the fated night she first came to the BF+DA

You might have heard that the BF+DA is closing June 30th. Lots of people have been expressing beautiful sentiments of how our work and the BF+DA has impacted them over the years and we are so touched and grateful.
It actually inspired us and made us think up a fun way to wrap up the past 5 years by inviting our community to write us “Love Letters.” Do you have one? Send it to as soon as possible and we’ll publish it on our blog until our very last day June 30th. Hurry! We can’t wait to hear what you have to say and the impact the BF+DA had on you.

“I so badly wanted to visit the BF+DA when I was in NYC from New Zealand for MakeUse that I got an Uber there on the coldest day in New York City in years (-25 degrees Celsius I believe), and everyone was warned to “stay home and indoors.” The Uber driver dropped me off on a corner in Brooklyn and I got totally lost. Then my phone died from the cold while I tried to google map directions, and I thought “ I’m going to die, someone will find my frigid body in a doorway.” I started to walk to the subway station I spotted as I figured that might be a better option than death, but I was so disappointed. Then my phone buzzed as it had warmed up and turned back on in my pocket, and so I checked for directions holding it inside my jacket. And then I found it, the entrance to the BF+DA! The ever wonderful Tara St James showed me around the space and it was amazing, inspiring and would have almost been worth dying for.

The work you guys have done has been a beacon for sustainability in fashion and textiles, and a model for how to do stuff right in an industry that often feels cold and a bit heartless. The BF+DA cares, it has a soul! I’m so sad it’s going to be gone.”

-Holly McQuillan, PhD Student, Swedish School of Textiles | University of Borås

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