Love Letter: Sarah Krasley

You might have heard that the BF+DA is closing June 30th. Lots of people have been expressing beautiful sentiments of how our work and the BF+DA has impacted them over the years and we are so touched and grateful.
It actually inspired us and made us think up a fun way to wrap up our 5 years by inviting our community to write us “Love Letters.” Do you have one? Send it to as soon as possible and we’ll publish it on our blog until our very last day June 30th. Hurry! We can’t wait to hear what you have to say and the impact the BF+DA had on you.

“During my brief time as a venture fellow at the BF+DA, I created a Hari-Kuyō ceremony in the BF+DA production room. Hari-Kuyō is a 400-year old Shinto funeral ceremony celebrated in Japan during which kimono sewers bring their needles and broken scissors to the temple and sink them into a block of tofu to give the tools a soft landing in thanks for their hard work throughout the year. Most spaces would have been scared of the fire alarms, the sprinklers going off, explaining the Japanese ceremony to Americans, the needles – but the BF+DA said ‘sure’ and we recreated the ceremony as best we could with help from three monks from the Zen Center Village Zendo, loud chanting, a whole lot of incense, and of course, the largest block of tofu I’ve ever seen.

I sincerely wish all the BF+DA staff soft landings before they undoubtedly go off to their exciting next chapters.”

-Sarah Krasley, Shimmy Technologies

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