Loomia’s Heated Smart Jacket Takes Chill Out of Summer

The LOOMIA H1 jacket is a heated jacket for the woman who seeks seamless comfort as she traverses her day. Created by Madison Maxey, Founder and chief innovation officer of New York-based Loomia, the coat was designed as a transitional layer for changing climates and temperatures.

The Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator is helping Loomia source sustainable fabrics from our textile library and will be fulfilling the production run from pre-sale orders. Currently Maxey is using a wool tweed for the prototype and working with the BF+DA to source a washable wool for the full run. The insulation layer is Polartec.

Maxey says at the jacket’s heart is a thin, flexible, wire-free circuit board called the Loomia Electronic Layer (LEL).

“The LEL works as a plug-and-play component à la Gore-Tex or the YKK zipper, which clothing makers can integrate into their garments instead of having to build and test their own circuit board from scratch,” says Maxey.

Loomia’s H1 heated jacket has three back heating sections, providing warmth and comfort in any environment.

The big challenge for smart garments is establishing new standards for sustainability when you have clothing made from circuit boards and wires. Washing is another challenge that manufacturers need to account for but Maxey is already ahead of the game.

The LEL can be cut out of the jacket, so we are hoping that customers will remove the LEL at the end of the jacket’s life and return it to us to avoid disposing of the whole jacket as e-waste,” says Maxey.

“We find that people are very concerned with sustainability and that’s a great sign! I think people are no longer of the mindset that it’s okay to just figure out sustainability later,” adds Maxey.

H1 is designed to pair with an outerwear coat in winter or provide an extra bit of heat on a cool fall or spring evening or provide comfort in summertime office air conditioning. The H1 jacket provides subtle heat year-round so you can always feel the sun on your back.
Maxey notes that most heated jackets are designed by and for men. Yet, research shows that women tend to be colder in the office and outdoors. As a result, H1 is designed by and for women. LOOMIA founder Madison Maxey and Chief Product Officer Ezgi Ucar infused their personal experiences as women navigating different environments into the design and function of the H1. The duo chose to use their patented technology, the LOOMIA Electronic Layer (LEL), to make a slimline and season-less heated jacket specifically for women. H1 can be worn in the office, on a plane, or on a cold winter day.

The H1 heated jacket has three back heating sections, providing warmth and comfort in any environment. While the LEL can withstand a series of washings, the team recommends hand washing to preserve the layer’s top heat. The included battery pack lasts up to two hours before needing to be recharged and can also charge your phone or other devices. The jacket is controlled with a simple on/off switch. The team chose to make this technology app-less for ease of use (no need to pull out your phone to control the jacket).

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