INTERVIEW: Olivia Burca on the Future of Yoga & Interactive Clothing

Olivia Burca is a designer in sustainability and technology and a garment engineer at Wearable X, a fashion tech company that brings together design and technology to create a better quality of life. (Check out their current Kickstarter (that just got fully funded with 6 days to go here.) A former Futureworks Fashion Tech resident at the BF+DA Burca worked on the Nadi X, the first smart yoga pants that use woven-in technology that help with ones yoga practice.

“During my time at the BF+DA, I wanted to improve the sustainable manufacturing processes for Wearable X. We are making yoga less intimidating and easier by providing consumers the ‘touch’ they need,” says Burca.
“Our technology enhances the yoga experience by providing vibrations that guide awareness in the areas on the body you should focus on.”

This stylish line of yoga pants give vibrational feedback that is seamlessly built in to the high quality fabrics that give you gentle reminders of where to focus while performing yoga. The pants are paired (via bluetooth) to a Nadi X iOS app that leads you through your session with a library of yoga poses, visuals and an auditory coach.

TEK-TILES team member Chloe Falkenhein recently caught up with Burca at the BF+DA to discuss creating a consumer facing apparel + tech product and what some of the challenges were, how the pants actually work and how yogi purists are taking to the Nadi X.

Here’s what Burca had to say:



Interview by Chloe Falkenheim