INTERVIEW: Luna Lee, Human Right’s Leader at EILEEN FISHER on The Handloom Project

handloom project

(Images from EILEEN FISHER)

As part of the Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator’s FASHION=ACTIVISM exhibit, we are highlighting our event co-sponsor EILEEN FISHER‘s The Handloom Project.

The Handloom Project is committed to building a long-term relationship with a network of local artisans weavers living in West Bengal. In addition to working to preserve the craft of handloom weaving, EILEEN FISHER is developing community-based economic and social programs that focus on micro-credit, health care and improving the work environment for weavers. The project is investigating fair wages for piecework and new direct-to-weaver economic models.

The project is a partnership with Indigo Handloom and works directly with weavers to build trust, understand the most critical needs and include the weaving community in the process. EILEEN FISHER believes that brand collaboration alone is not enough. Governments really have the responsibility to set up the laws and social protection to protect and empower homeworkers and encourage brands to respect and implement these frameworks.

luna lee


Listen in to  Luna Lee, EILEEN FISHER’S Human Right’s Leader getting interviewed by Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator Executive Director Debera Johnson on how The Handloom Project has become a form of activism for the company.