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Visitors to the BF+DA s.LAB can learn how over 30 different fibers are made, manufactured and used, and the environmental and social impact of each of those fibers. Montreal-based Tricots Liesse’s single knit, double knit and swimwear, protective wear and mattress fabrics are some of the many resources featured in our collection of sustainable textile swatches.

Tricots Liesse was first incorporated in 1965 and at that time occupied only 10,000 square feet and specialized in single knit apparel textiles only. Through a steady growth in sales, equipment and expertise, the company has since had many expansions, with the addition of double knit fabrics in the early 1970s and their own dyeing and finishing facility in 1998. They now are proud to say they occupy a state of the art 250,000 square feet facility.

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Included in their repertoire of knits from over 135 state of the art knitting machines include double-knit rib, double-knit interlock, transfers, automatic stripers, single-knit and double-knit electronic stripers, single-knit mini jacquard, single-knit terry, open-width jersey, polar fleece. All knitting machines are equipped with special spandex attachments and are all in separate containment rooms to maintain the best possible quality.

Tricots Liesse also has its own very experienced and highly qualified design team using the latest textile software CAD design tools and can custom design fabrics to individual designer’s needs. Add to that their state of the art dyeing and finishing facility (Di-Tech Inc.) which has the unique ability to process small runs to very large programs, including a multitude of different finishes and knitted fabrics from 2 oz to 22 oz and everything in between.

We caught up with Abie Sterner of Tricots Liesse to ask a few questions ranging from positive growth to sustainability.

What are some of the things you think has led to your steady growth as a company?

We try to maintain the highest possible level of quality. We truly believe in on-time deliveries, always innovate and stay true to the “customer is always right” motto.

Have you had designers demanding more variety in the materials/patterns/knits they are working with?

Yes and in fact, we have designers flying to our offices so that they could work with our own design team and sales, reviewing our archives of headers available to them for inspiration any time they like.

How many fabrics do you offer at any one time?

We create over 2000 brand-new circular knit styles annually.

What is your take on sustainability?

We really work towards better energy efficiency and renewable energy through Liesse/Di-Tech. Di-Tech has full heat recovery systems that take heat from our waste water and send the hot water back into our hot water pits to be reused. We recuperate and reuse the heat from our steam systems and also re-use the cooling water from our dye jets. Through the utilization of our continuous scouring range, countless hours and countless gallons of water have been saved.
In addition, we recycle many of the products we use both internally and through programs with clients. We will continue to be environmentally conscious and do our part where we can, not to impact the environment in a negative way and are constantly looking for new energy conservation systems to maintain our status as the most ecologically minded dye house in North America.

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Learn more about Tricots Liesse in this video.

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