In Our Resource Library: Sustainably Harvested Wood Buttons (Made in Brooklyn)

Did you know that the oldest and largest manufacturer of wood and corozo buttons in the United States was based in Brooklyn? Truth. Buttonwood Corp. (formerly Duplex Novelty) has been a family business in continuous operation since 1939.

“Dad and his two brothers were the epitome of a small 20th Century manufacturing firm: union workers and hard working entrepreneurs joining to create a unique niche producing wooden apparel trim in NYC’s fabled garment center for over 40 years. When we joined the company in the ’70s, we brought fresh ideas like laminated wood, Tagua Nut (Corozo) and bead accessories to an already solid line-up of buttons, toggles and buckles,” reads the Buttonwood Corp. site.

The Buttonwood Corp. had many of their apparel designers pulling up stakes for Asia but they decided to stay in Brooklyn.

“We wanted to prove that with the right kind of raw material, fairly paid wages and benefits an American button manufacturer could still compete and prosper in a global economy!”

Proud to have them in our Sustainable Textiles Library.

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