Four Rabbit’s Tyvek Jacket Embraces Zero Waste

Four Rabbit’s Tsunami Jacket on Kickstarter aims to throw the apparel industry a sustainable curve ball by embracing zero waste.

A travel inspired sustainable clothing line, Four Rabbit is designed for travel and functionality and their Tsunami Jacket, which has gone through a year of research and development to make it the perfect travel jacket, is also zero waste. Ultralight, packable, water- resistant, wind-proof, breathable, and even recyclable, Four Rabbit founder Arielle Toelke says as a minimalist packer herself, this is her dream jacket. Made out of Tyvek, Toelke says she’s always been fascinated with the material.

“I had been making bags for backpacking out of old postal mailers that I would draw and stencil on. The bags proved to be both durable and washable, and super useful. Tyvek has all these other qualities, water resistance and breathable, that would make a great jacket material. As I was researching suppliers I learned that Tyvek is also recyclable and that was a total bonus for a sustainable brand.”

In addition to the Tyvek, Four Rabbit uses zero waste pattern making, meaning the whole piece of material is used to make the garment.

“Zero waste is not a new concept for me. I had been toying around with zero waste and basic construction for a while now. Though the Tsunami Jacket has been the biggest project so far. I knew that if I was going to make clothes, I had to do it in a way that had a smaller environmental impact. Zero waste seemed the most accessible to me as a small brand,” says Toelke.

Having worked for almost a year with another manufacturer to create her Tsunami Jacket, the company recently closed and Four Rabbit had to find new pattern makers to grade the jacket pattern and that knew zero waste pattern making.

“I am lucky enough to be part of the Brooklyn Library’s Fashion Academy program which the BF+DA provided a few classes for the program. I had known about the BF+DA prior to the Fashion Academy, but did not know they had a full production studio until we had our classes. It was obvious to me to work with Tara St James and the BF+DA for my larger jacket pattern and sample, but to also start a relationship with the BF+DA and Four Rabbit,” Toelke says.

With Four Rabbit, blending aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability is the ultimate goal.

“I believe it’s important to start thinking how and where our clothes are being made. Designing with sustainability in mind is just something brands should consider.” says Toelke.

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