EILEEN FISHER’S DesignWork Exhibit Showcases Zero Waste

Since 2009, EILEEN FISHER has taken back 800,000 pieces of their clothing. Now you’re invited to be one of the first to see how they’ve transformed them into entirely new designs. As part of New York Textile Month, this unique installation is an experiential story that brings their Tiny Factory in Irvington to life and showcases their commitment to circular design. Join NYTM for a special exhibition celebrating a future without waste at the Invisible Dog Art Center, Gallery Hours: September 21 – October 1st, Wednesday to Saturday, 1 to 7PM, Sunday, 1 to 5PM

Exhibit Curator and longtime designer for EILEEN FISHER Sigi Ahl says the exhibit could not have happened without the inspirational leadership of Eileen Fisher.

“She has believed in and invested in each of us and in her vision of creating a circular design process that aspires to zero waste,” Ahl says on the DesignWork page.

Fisher says the project was born in 2015, when her team created the Makerspace with Ahl. She, along with Carolina Bedoya, explored ways to turn piles of old clothes and scraps into new textiles.

“First, they created a system to clean, sort and inventory the bags of clothes and leftover material sitting in our warehouse — a truly daunting task. Then came the fun part: experimenting with different fabrics, mixing them together and felting them to create one-of-a-kind designs,” says Fisher in a letter on the DesignWork site.

We’re so excited not only for this exhibit but for all the work EILEEN FISHER continues to do. The video below showcases how one of the jackets were made for the exhibit in their Tiny Factory.

Check it out.

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