Dutch Design Studio Nienke Hoogvliet Explores Seaweed Textiles

Nienke Hoogvliet’s SEA ME rug

Designboom recently wrote on Dutch Design Studio Nienke Hoogvliet’s new project focusing on the promotion of sustainability and combat ocean-related environmental issues.

“By creating a design collection of products using repurposed and recycled materials. Featuring toilet paper bowls and seaweed rugs as well as a material exhibition and ‘Fish Leather Book’, presented during dutch design week, Hoogvliet hopes her projects can contribute to a more sustainable product and textile industry. Known for her material research, experimental and conceptual design Hoogvliet conducts research to inform self-initiated design projects. In her projects SEA ME and the SEA ME collection she researched how seaweed can contribute to a more sustainable textile industry. SEA ME – a rug made of sea algae yarn, knotted by hand in an old fishing net – hopes to draw attention to this unusual material by capturing the contrast between the polluting plastic waste issues and the beautiful things the sea has to offer.”

New York based clean water advocate Riverkeeper has some facts on microplastic sources and how you can best keep plastic out of waterways. As we read more about microplastics entering water streams not only from health and beauty products but apparel like fleece, we begin to see a greater need for the apparel industry to step it up and for designers like Hoo

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