‘Brooklyn Pledge to Accelerate Change’ Addresses Human Rights in Fashion Supply Chain

The Pratt Institute’s Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator (BF+DA) and APG recently launched the Brooklyn Pledge to Accelerate Change, as the outcome of an inspiring BF+DA event held with apparel companies, investors and stakeholders which spawned the pledge. The pledge was specifically intended to address human rights within the supply chain of the apparel sector.

The Brooklyn Pledge to Accelerate Change is building on one of the BF+DA’s core values- to advocate for human rights in the apparel industry.” –Debera Johnson, Executive Director, Pratt BF+DA

The pledge is part of a whitepaper that lists 57 recommendations to improve human rights and sustainability within the industry, for example through transparency in reporting, empowering employees, adjusting sourcing programs, building consumer awareness and demand for more sustainable clothes. The recommendations are 57 concrete actions defined by the professionals and experts who attended the ‘Connecting Finance and Sustainability: A dialogue towards action on human rights in the apparel sector’ event held in September at the BF+DA in Brooklyn, New York. Both the BF+DA and APG now lead the call on apparel companies investors and stakeholders to pledge action on one or more of the recommendations from the list.

Pledge categories for actions include:
1. Clarify reporting and priorities
2. Incentivize best practices and empower employees
3. Keep sustainability front of mind for leadership
4. Build consumer awareness and demand
5. Empower suppliers
6. Model and encourage transparency

On the Brooklyn Pledge you will find two sections. Section one has the full list of recommendations for action and the Brooklyn Pledge to Accelerate Change.
Section two is a summary of the event itself and a list of participants to give some background and context for the recommendations.
We urge you to review and share the pledge with your networks.

Go here to read and pledge.