The Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion was formed in 2018 by (in alphabetical order) Kate Fletcher, Lynda Grose, Timo Rissanen and Mathilda Tham. The formation of the Union was inspired by the Union of Concerned Scientists, formed in 1969 in the USA. Their manifesto embodies the intention for founding this Union. The group are researchers focusing on fashion and sustainability, whose primary aim is to engage with other researchers as well as business.

The Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion, recognize that the response of the fashion sector to the intensifying ecological crisis has been – and continues to be – over-simplified, fragmented and obstructed by the growth logic of capitalist business models as they are currently realized and practiced. The group recognizes that uncritical research findings, duplication of research, reduction and misuse of scientific and technical knowledge reinforces and speeds up this over-simplified condition in the fashion industry.

It is their view that concerned fashion and clothing researchers can no longer remain uninvolved or complacent and that as researchers, they need to conduct themselves in new ways.

“We call on fashion researchers to unite for concerted action and leadership over the use of scientific and artistic knowledge that is more relevant to and commensurate with the multiple crises we face. For us this action requires both that something fundamental is disrupted and something significantly different is offered. We are committed to examining and accelerating the uptake of diverse ‘other ways’ in the fashion sector.”

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