Today Greenpeace and our friends at Fashion Revolution launched an initiative called MAKE SMTHNG Week, which runs the 2nd-10th December 2017.

Following shortly after Black Friday, the week was created to inspire people to make something instead of buying, and to make the most of the things we already own by mending, sharing, swapping, transforming, repairing and creating.

MAKE SMTHNG has been created for people who see themselves as makers of a better world. Do you?

The MAKE SMTHNG site says “If your mission is to be more resourceful to protect our beautiful Earth, this branding is for you. It breathes the DIY spirit, fun and creativity that we need to reinvent the way we produce and consume. MAKE SMTHNG is your showcase for creative, innovative and unique alternatives. Instead of shopping, let’s MAKE SMTHNG!”


Many of you already practice the art, craft and joy of making and doing it yourself: cooking, mending clothes, fixing electronics, building toys, upcycling, growing your own food, making your own cosmetics and cleaning products, going plastic-free, aiming for zero waste, or sharing your clothes, bikes and homes with each other. Let’s share our skills, knowledge and experiences with each other and discover and practice new ones.
Attend an event in your city. Find them all at www.makesmthng.org

#MakeSMTHNG! Create something from scratch, recycle something you don’t use, craft a new recipe, upcycle old clothes, engage in zero waste alternatives and tell us about it using the hashtag #makesmthng!

Download the resources and join the movement. 

Follow at @makesmthng to see inspiring photos from this maker community around the world.

(And have fun!)