Purible is an E-commerce marketplace for emerging sustainable goods. From fashion-forward backpacks made from upcycled military-surplus, to bamboo ski-poles designed by U.S. Olympic skiers, to traceable organic cotton hoodies, our varied collection always has one thing in common: transparency. The Purible platform connects shoppers to the origins of their product as well as their makers with in-depth interviews, videos, and rich editorial, helping shoppers always make the most informed choice.
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Sam Dagirmanjian

I grew up in Woodstock, NY taking for granted the fresh air and vibrant forests of upstate New York. I graduated from Dartmouth College in 2004, and for the next 8 years split time between New York City and Zurich, Switzerland working as the head zinc trader for the world's largest commodity trading firm. While this position took me to (nearly) every continent on earth and gave me an invaluable amount of experience, I also witnessed first-hand the damaging impact manufacturing - and consumer apathy- is having on our planet. By founding Purible, I hope to allow people to live a lifestyle filled with every modern convenience and luxury while also taking ownership and responsibility for the impact their purchasing decisions have on our planet. Now based in NYC, I make it up to Woodstock every chance I get with full appreciation for the mountains that I love.

Nicholas Pattison

I graduated from Pratt in 2005 with an MA in Communication Design, and have since spent the last decade designing packaging, products, websites, and applications with Pentagram Design and Milton Glaser. My later experience as Creative Director for a startup incubator—where I built a variety of products from ideation to launch for over 15 startups—catapulted me into entrepreneurship. I was inspired to co-found Purible mainly because I saw a lack of transparency in the "how things are made" part of our consumer process, and believe E-commerce has an as-of-yet untapped potential for powerful visual storytelling. I bring the creative vision to Purible's web design, product curation, and user experience, and am constantly on the lookout for emerging brands and products that are shifting away from typical wasteful production paradigms.