Technology Lab

The t.LAB is exploring the relationship of apparel + technology and the future of production in the 21st century.

The Fashion + Technology Lab (t.LAB) supports research using digital fabrication and the exploration of new modalities of production, materiality, and form generation alongside product development and research in wearable technology. See our t.LAB fellows below.

As part of our ongoing quest to break down the barriers between fashion and technology, each month we ask a tech-based company to come in and talk shop for Tech Tuesdays. From 3D printing to virtual draping, tools for tracking and storytelling to bio materials grown in Brooklyn labs, our speakers are engineered to inspire your creative practice with all the latest and greatest in tech. With this series, we will introduce you to ideas about how appropriate and ethical technology is bringing fashion into the 21st century.

T.Lab Fellow Alumni

Upcoming Tech Tuesdays

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