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Laser cutting services are provided through Make Mode, an independent company within the BF+DA.


  • Create custom signage, invitations, stencils, personalized gifts, presentation models, marketing materials, artwork, displays, jewelry, and much more
  • Cut and etch wood, acrylic, cloth, paper, cardboard, rubber, and more

To inquire about laser cutting, contact Laser Cut


What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is the process of using a high-powered C02 laser to engrave or cut a wide variety of materials such as woods, acrylics, paper, fabric, and more. Instructions in the form of a vector file are sent from a computer to the laser cutter that tell it exactly where to etch or cut. These files can be generated from any number of design files such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel, Inkscape, and AutoCAD. The powerful combination of high precision laser cutting hardware and easy-to-use design software has opened up opportunities for laser cutting to all types of people across many industries. Laser cutting is often used in architecture, fashion, fine and modern art, event promotion and advertising as well as by hobbyists and creatives of all types. Learn more about creating laser cutting files.

Can I see examples of Laser Cutting?

A laser cut poem into wood made by Make Mode. A laser cut blue pattern onto plastic made by Make Mode. A laser cut wedding invitation made by Make Mode.

The results of laser cutting can be dramatic and varied depending on the material used and calibration of the laser cutter. From intricate and delicate cuts on wedding invitations to deep cuts in wood for signage, to etched geometries in acrylic, above you can see how diverse the results of laser cutting can be.

How do I begin a Laser Cutting project?

To start your laser cutting project fill out this form. Some things to keep in mind when beginning a laser cutting project are:

  1. Create a Design – Do you have your design files ready? Preferred design files for laser cutting include Adobe illustrator, Corel Draw or other similar programs. Please submit your artwork in .ai, .dxf, .dwg, .cdr, or .svg format. If you do not have access to design software, Inkscape is free to use and supports .svg format. Learn about best practices for setting up a file for laser cutting.
  2. Select a Material – What material would you like to use for your project? What size and what thickness? Our maximum size range is 18” x 32” and maximum thickness for most materials is ¼” – ⅜” depending on the material. Learn more about the full range of laser cutting material options. If you’d like to work with a material that you do not see on this list, then just ask us – we’re often able to work with other materials if provided with a sample for testing.
  3. Determine your Quantity – How many pieces do you need? What size is your laser cutting project? For larger orders bulk pricing may be available.
  4. Due Date – When do you need to have the final products returned? Standard turnaround time for most projects is 3-4 business days and rush options are available.